Send a contactless digital church bulletin every week in minutes.

Handing out paper bulletins might not be a good idea as we start gathering together again. Go digital instead!

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Want to see it in action?
Text "bltn demo" to 81411.

Send a digital version of your bulletin.

Printed bulletins work great for the people sitting in your pews on Sunday mornings. But once they leave the sanctuary, much of its usefulness is done.

But what if you could send a digital version of your bulletin? With bltn it’s simple to send a beautiful digital bulletin via text message. No church app to install. And since it’s digital, people can easily click through to your website, an online giving portal, event registration forms, or anywhere else you need them to go!

So whether people are in the pew on Sunday or sick in bed, they can stay informed and engaged with what is going on in your community.

Want to see it in action?
Text "bltn demo" to 81411.

How does the digital bulletin work?

Step 1 - Subscribe
Subscribe to receive your bulletin
You choose a short code that your congregation will use to subscribe. For example, if you choose the code "bridge", your congregation will text bltn bridge to 81411 (our special number) to subscribe.
Step 2 - Publish
Build and publish your bulletin
Use bltn's digital bulletin builder to create a beautiful, information packed, media rich bulletin. And since it's digital, you can include links to registration forms, online giving, and even embed videos.
Step 3 - Distribute
Subscribers will receive a text message
At the time that you choose, bltn will send all of your subscribers a link to your digital bulletin in a text message. Now if they aren't able to attend service that weekend, they won't miss out on any important information.

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