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Make Bulletins for your Church

Church Bulletins are the perfect foundationfor an effective communication strategy.

  • Hand holding a printed bulletin
    Traditional Printed Bulletins

    We have the rare privilege to have our congregation in-person every week. And the printed bulletin has been a key way for us to communicate with them for decades.

    It’s immediate, easy, and works very well on Sunday mornings.

    Using bltn’s drag and drop editor, in minutes you can update your bulletin and send it to the printer.

    See how easy it is
  • Hand holding a digital bulletin
    Modern Digital Bulletins

    Printed bulletins work great for the people sitting in your pews on Sunday mornings. But once they leave the sanctuary, much of its usefulness is done.

    With bltn it’s simple to send a digital version of your bulletin via a text message.

    So whether people are in the pew on Sunday or sick in bed, they can stay informed and engaged with what is going on in your community.

    Want to see it in action?
    Text "demo" to (877) 768-2586.

    Learn more about digital bulletins

bltn isn't just about bulletins.

There are a lot more ways to communicate to your congregation with bltn.

Making your bulletin has never been this easy.

With our state-of-the-art, drag and drop, builder builder you'll be able to make your bulletin faster and easier than ever before.

Trusted by churches around the country.

Crossroads Community Church
Keystone Church
New City Church
New Life Baptist Church

What are people saying about bltn?

Micha R.
Timberline Church

Great tool for communicating up and coming events. Easy to use and best of all the amazing group behind it and their fantastic support.

Ben B.
Keystone Church

As a church that desires to reach the next generation, bltn has enabled us to create a different kind of engagement.

Angela H.
New City Church

I am really thankful for the quick customer service. If I have a kink, the bltn team are prompt to help me to assure my materials are ready for Sunday services.

Greg M.
New Life Baptist Church

When COVID hit, bltn became a lifeline to our congregation. It saved us money on time, printing, paper, and the associated traditional bulletin costs. We have no plans on going back to a printed bulletin. bltn is a lifesaver!

Frequently asked questions

Why do you use text messages for the digital bulletin?

We believe that bltn should be “pushy”. Your communication is more effective when you push it out to your congregation (like through a text message) instead of putting it on your app and hoping someone sees it.

Along the same lines, our metrics and other studies shows us that the open-rates for text messages is at least twice (if not much more) as effective as a notification from an app.

Should I be printing bulletins?

Churches are a family and families are inherently multi-generational. As such, we built a platform that can serve every level of technological proficiency in your congregation. If it makes sense in your context to print bulletins for the older generation – serve them in that way. bltn makes it really easy.

When all the youth in your church are wearing augmented reality glasses – bltn will be there.

Should my church's bulletin be online?

Absolutely! When people want to know something, the internet is the first place that they look. By putting your bulletin online, you allow your congregation to look up anything they missed or forgotten on Sunday.

Is your keyboard broken? "Bulletin" has vowels in it.

Our catch-phrase is “build a better bulletin”. We love the tradition of the Sunday print bulletin, but we want to push church communication forward and embrace new technologies. With that in mind, we picked the most “webby”, “hip”, “internety” name we could think of.

Can you show me how to use this?

Absolutely! Click HERE to schedule a session with us

Who are you?

bltn is made by Jason and Justin. We are two brothers who grew up with a passion for the church and technology. If you have any questions for us, drop us a line: [email protected] or [email protected].

Who are we?

bltn was made by Justin and Jason.

We are two brothers who grew up with a passion for the church and technology.

If you have any questions for us, drop us a line: [email protected] or [email protected].

lady standing at printer
Are you worried about paper waste?

Printing bulletins every week can use quite a lot of paper. It's great to recycle your unused bulletins, but if you are looking for a way to reduce your paper usage check out our Digital Bulletin.

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