Recently I’ve been reading all about the best-practices of how to get conversionshow to change hearts/minds, and how to reach the next person.

Sound familiar? You’ve probably been reading similar stuff.

The only difference is that I’ve been reading business materials.

My brother and I co-founded bltn and are trying to make it a thing. We are hustling to make it better and to get it in front of as many churches as we can. The more churches using bltn, the more time we can invest in it and then more churches can do more ministry. Boom. That’s our heart.

A lot of the goals for our business are similar to the goals of your church.

  • We want people to be excited about what we are doing and you want people to be excited about what you are doing.
  • You want new people to come in and hear about Jesus and we want new people to get plugged in too.
  • We want our customers to learn more about how our tools work and you want your congregation to learn and grow in their faith.

The difference is obvious and you are already thinking it. Ministry is not business. A conversion into the Kingdom of God is not equivalent to a conversion into a bltn customer. But… it kind of is?

So here’s my question: Should you use the best-practices and tactics used by the “business world” inside your ministry?

I’ve thrown ideas out like this before and gotten push-back. I’m really not sure where I stand on this and I’d like to start the conversation.

To that end, I put a post on our facebook page to start the discussion. I would love it if you hopped on and threw in your two-cents.

I’m sure you have feelings about that guy in the picture on top… should he tell you how to get more engagement? Should he give you the best practices on announcement wording designed to generate the most response?

What do you think? Let me know here.