With all the news, media, emails and headlines about COVID-19 – many churches are responding by encouraging their congregations to stay home or canceling services all together. And while no technology can replace the face-to-face community of a weekend gathering, we do have tools available to help stay in touch while at home.

In response to this, we rushed out a feature that was on our roadmap to meet this need.

Our digital bulletins now can livestream.

Send out your digital bulletin with a message like “Livestream is starting now! Check it out in your bulletin…” and your congregation can join digitally when we can’t all be together physically.

Is your worship team staying home? You could use the bltn livestream to give your sermon form your office computer and not delay your teaching schedule.

You can livestream directly from bltn or you can stream from YouTube, Facebook or any other streaming platform.

If you are a bltn customer, you have a new “Live” channel in your sidebar.
(just republish your bulletin for the week, if it’s already published)

If you are not yet a customer, sign up today at bltn.app/register and use bltn’s free month trial to livestream your service this weekend.

We know this is an uncertain season and we want to serve you anyway we can. Ultimately, we know that God is in control and we are praying for you all!